Epic Journey to Rapa Nui

Hummerksnott to Honolulu to Rapa Nui

A DVD of Kando arts shadow theatre film celebrating the centenary of Katherine Routledge’s expedition to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is making an epic journey.
The film is being delivered by hand to the Aldea High School, Rapa Nui, this week.                      It’s journey began last week when Helen Mason from Hummersknott Academy sent the DVD to the Bishop Museum Honolulu. Mara an anthropologist from the museum will fly from Hawaii (via Tahiti) to Easter Island and hand the DVD to the Aldea High School.
The film will also be part of an exhibition in Darlington this Autumn.

Hope you enjoy this short promo video of the film and the excellent work by the Hummerskhott student acting out their shadow characters.

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