Book Magic

Book Magic

Book Magic – an Exciting Education Program

Book Magic is a one of a kind presentation for pre-school and Keystage one.                                This dynamic interactive show uses creative storytelling, amazing magic and enchanting puppets to open up the wonderful world of books. The 45 minute performance encourages children to visit libraries the place to find good books to read. Book Magic is a fun packed performance introducing children to a quite remarkable puppet character.

Book Mag1

Sid the Kid is a big part of the show, which isn’t surprising as he loves story books.              His favourite is Jack and Jill. He always wants me to read to him, even in the middle of a show!

Billy the Bird loves poetry and reads a selection of his favourite poems. An hilarious bird character that always creates an impact, maybe not always in the right way!

This popular show really does what it says on the tin and delivers a magical experience surrounded by books.

Sitting down with a good book to read is truly a wonderful experience. We hope the      Book Magic show will encourage young children to pick up a book and enjoy those relaxing and absorbing reading moments.

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