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Circus skills The Kando Circus workshops are fun and exciting. A great way to exercise and help you keep fit. Get in to a spin with a  Diablo,  Hoy a Poi  (pronounced ‘Poy’) and  discover how a  peacock feather can improve balance. Circus workshops can significantly help a young person adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking part in exciting activities.

Sessions are tailored to suit the various stages of child development, from pre-school up to sixth form. These versatile workshops are well suited to any creative curriculum.

We also have a variety of Manipulation Equipment to improve   motor skills, an important  part of physical development in children.

Why Learn Circus Skills?

Circus skills help keep children stay fit and can be a great  introduction to exercise.         They can be an exciting alternative or part of a sports program.    The various skills and exercises encourage children to get up and be active, improving health.

What’s so Good about Circus

*    Improved Hand Eye CoordinationCircus1

*    Greater Confidence

*    Physical Fitness

*    Mental Gymnastics

*    Endless Creative Opportunity

*    Team Building

*    Increases Concentration

Workshop times and duration are flexible to suit your timetable and budget. You may require an hour or an all day session; or perhaps a weekly program as an after schools club activity. Whatever you decide on we  guarantee a fun energetic session for all.

Well Being                                                                                                                                                                     Circus skills can be an important factor in boosting self – confidence and self – worth. The skills learnt help develop important life skills such as working in a team,  trust, positive risk taking and perseverance.

A scientific study revealed  juggling can improve brain power.   Circus4                                                               I found this article on the BBC website.

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