Once upon a time a thousand years ago, some children acted out an exciting hero tale from a story they had heard from the tribes storyteller the night before. All their lives, make believe had been one of their natural kinds of play; but now they gave it form in story dramatisation.

Winifred Ward (artist – teacher – writer – leader)

Creative drama has been around for a long time, and although things have changed   considerably over the centuries, the benefits to children from drama skills workshops  are the same. The process of bringing a character to life is a wonderfully  fulfilling and freeing experience.

Startforth after school drama15c

*    Fun – Just plain fun!

*    Experience thinking creatively and independently.

*    Practise in strongly motivated social cooperation

*    Develop an understanding of people who have different viewpoints.

*    Controlled emotional release.

*    Experience in thinking on one’s feet.

*    Expressing ideas clearly and fearlessly.

Startforth after school drama21c

Drama is a wonderful way for children to learn social skills. It offers a safe environment for social development through role play. These valuable life skills increase self-esteem and confidence in an individual. Acting out scenes, using role play, developing imagination through story devising can also be a great outlet for bright but not academically minded children. These activities can also give a feeling of achievement to children who struggle with school work. Another of the many benefits of Drama work in schools is its flexibility; workshops can be linked with, English, Music, History, Art etc. Theatre in education is an established and effective approach to learning.

This makes it a marvellous vehicle for general knowledge. As with all of our activities they can be adapted to suit you. We can offer workshops from an hour to a morning or all day session. We look forward to hearing from you.



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