Kando Projects

Kando Projects

Kando Mishmash Mix

A clip mix of Kando projects and activities spanning the last five years. A ‘through the keyhole’ look at a variety of approaches to the creative arts. Puppetry, mask work, shadow theatre, projection mapping, green screen effects, animation and conventional theatre have all been used to explore and develop our work. I hope this five minute film captures the excitement and enthusiasm experienced over those five years.

2016 Research & Development

Exploring and developing projection mapping techniques combined with shadow theatre, 3D graphics, animation, green screen effects and film editing.

2015  War Shadows

WW1 shadow theatre project at The Witham Community Arts Centre. Six schools and the Kando Youth Theatre took part in the activity.

2014 Lives in Shadow

WW1 shadow theatre project. Four schools took part in live performances. Each school devised their own storylines from The Great War period. Kando Youth Theatre performed their version at The Witham Community Arts Centre.

2014 Lives in Letters

Inspired by letters to and from the trenches of  The Great War.

2013 Tees Tales

‘Tees Tales’ a Kando Youth Theatre production combined shadow theatre, life size puppets and conventional drama to re-tell folklore tales from Teesdale.