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Arts group project inspired by WW1 Letters

A Film inspired by letters sent during the First World War is being shown as part of a museum exhibition. The film, called Lives in Letters, was created by Barnard Castle based Kando Arts and is being shown at the DLI Museum in Durham City.

The young Kando members read letters sent during WW1 and used them to generate ideas for characters and story lines. The final film, which consists of five short stories was made using shadow theatre techniques, old movie effects and music hall songs  of the time. Songs such as Keep the Home Fires Burning and Roses of Picardy were among the tunes used to evoke the time.

Kelvin Moore, who runs Kando Arts with his partner Stephanie said, “what really stuck all of us about the letters were there everyday  content considering the situation. Letters often refer to the weather. The young people taking part could really relate to the letters.” The group have had a good time, they have produced some outstanding work over the last year and once again they have rose to the challenge.”

The film features local scenes including the troops marching past the Market Cross and a recruiting sergeant in the grounds of the Bowes Museum. Another scene sees a battleship appear on the horizon as children build a sandcastle – a precursor to the attack on Hartlepool.

Lives in Letters can be viewed in the DLI Museum Art Gallery up to June 22nd.



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