Lives in Letters

Lives in Letters

Kando Youth Theatre’s first film project.  Lives in Letters is a shadow theatre production inspired by letters to and from the trenches of WW1. The young people who took part in the project were from 11 to 14 years.

Original letters were used to devise characters and story lines.  Using improvisation techniques the young people involved developed characters and scenes to create five stories. Each story told a familiar tale of individuals and families effected by the war.                Stories were acted out in shadows and the action recorded on video. The footage was edited into a 30 minute film.  With it’s innovative use of shadow theatre techniques, old photographs, popular songs of the time and silent movie effects the film captured in an original way the atmosphere of the time.                                                                                                          Some of the scenes were set locally in Barnard Castle, such as the marching of troops past the Buttermart and a recruiting sergeant in the grounds of the Bowes Museum.               Other scenes were more general and took place in parks, railway stations, beaches, ports.  A particularly moving scene took place in the home. A mother sits by the fire while her two young children play by her side. A knock at the door changes her life forever.                          Lives in Letters exhibited at the DLI Museum Art Gallery, Durham City.

Lives in Letters  featured in the ‘Always Remember – Never Forget’ exhibition at the DLI Museum in June 2014 above. The project took place at the Witham Arts Centre, Barnard Castle during Spring / Summer 2014.

LIL3Lives in Letters images from rehearsal.

Click below for Teesdale Mercury  article.

Arts Group Project Inspired by WW1 Letters



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