Puppet Making

Puppet Making

KanDo Arts Puppet Making Workshops are designed to help children express themselves creatively. The sessions are relaxed and informal to create a non challenging environment. We believe this is key to encourage all those taking part to produce something special.

Puppet Making 1Puppet Making 2

When the children have made their puppets they are shown simple puppet manipulation skills. Using these simple techniques, they can bring their unique creations to life in a short drama piece.

Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs and are carefully structured to suit various age groups and skill levels.

The workshops listed below can vary from a couple of hours, to a morning or an all day session. These sessions can be developed into more detailed projects which                           require multiple visits.

Below are some examples of workshop content and duration. Of course these are only          examples and can be adapted to suit you. So why not do a ‘pick & Mix.

Puppet Making Workshops

One / Two Hours: The children make a puppet and are given a brief introduction in             manipulation and movement.

Puppet Making and Manipulation

Morning / Afternoon: A making session followed by a more detailed look at                               Puppet manipulation and movement. Concluding in a short drama piece.

We look forward to your call or e.mail to discuss your requirements.


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