Shadow Mask Theatre

Shadow Mask Theatre

Shadow Theatre is a fun, exciting and creative way to learn.                                                               Students make a shadow mask to represent characters from stories they have devised.  Using mask, voice and movement stories are acted out in shadows.

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Alternatively students can works without masks. These workshops are more suited to themed work such as our recent WW1 projects.

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This dynamic art form can be adapted to suit almost any subject and age range.                    Workshops are suitable for reception, key stage one two and three.

We can deliver tailored workshops to support work on the curriculum.

These workshops work particularly well with:

  • Drama – Acting out scenarios from a play.
  • Literature – Bringing characters to life.
  • History – re-enacting a scene from the past.
  • Poetry – Exploring abstract themes.

Workshops consist of:

  • Devising stories around a particular topic or subject.
  • Develop characters and situations.
  • Making Shadow Masks to represent characters.
  • Acting out  devised scenarios in shadow.

Shadow Theatre workshops provide links with the National curriculum programs of study and enable children to experience drama and acting in a fun new way.

Shad Mask Theatr4

‘Absolutely brilliant –  the children were inspired’                                                                                      Ian Gorman Year 4 Teacher

‘This is something the children will remember for the rest of their lives.’                                     Mrs Caffrey Head Teacher

‘I welled up watching the film.’                                                                                                                                      Michelle Teaching assistant

‘The children loved being part of the filming process’                                                                                   Mrs J Hodgson Teaching assistant


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