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The Parish Hall in Barnard Castle was the setting for some old tales from Teesdale.

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We laughed at the Butter Cheat, trying to trick his clever wife – and failing dismally!

“The Bowes Tragedy” was just heartbreaking – and all the more so because it’s based on a true story.

The “Winston Ghost” was pure comedy – with some blood-curdling screams thrown in for good measure – and then there was “Peg Powler”, truly dramatic and  frightening.

The production was a clever blend of live action, shadow theatre, puppetry, and video.I’ve never seen a show quite like this before.

The use of light, music, shadow puppetry, front and backstage acting, stunning           photographic backdrops, all added up to a really entertaining night.

That such a relatively young cast could create and perform a show so innovative, surprising, visually stunning, funny, scary, moving and above all so well-acted, was a triumph!

It would have been challenging enough for professional actors, however the young cast took it in their stride portraying their characters with some aplomb.

TT perf2

One thing which really struck me was how sensitively Kando had interlaced the           sinister with the comic. Bringing one of the more ‘scary’ shadow characters out to the front of the stage for a comic dance at the end was particularly clever as it sent any younger audience members home happy in the knowledge that this had all

“Tees Tales”, presented by the Kando Youth Theatre, was a fantastic demonstration of the talents of Teesdale’s young actors. It was by turns hilarious and terrifying.

The young actors presented five tales, interspersed with “chapters” from a sixth tale, about the terrifying “Peg Powler” the witch of the River Tees.

Each cast member had a number of parts to play across the stories, not an easy task considering the complexity of the staging.

The audience laughed, gasped, and marvelled as the stories unfolded with the cast capturing the essence of each story wonderfully.

been just tricks of shadow and light – there was no real evil ‘Peg’!

Well done Kando Arts – directors, technicians and actors – it would be great to see your next production performed to a much wider audience.

For more information on Tee Tales please visit  www.kandoarts.net

Kando Youth Theatre meet every Thursday at the Witham Hall, Barnard Castle.

The group is always looking for new members – no acting experience required.

Juniors year group 4 / 5 /6 and Seniors year group 7 / 8/ 9

Please contact Kelvin: 01833 908102 / 07706 944310

kelvin@kandoarts.net / stephanie@kandoarts.net



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