Feed Back

Feed Back

A selection of comments from our many activities

“Absolutely brilliant – the children were inspired”                                                                                Ian Gorman – Year 4 Teacher

“This is something the children will remember for the rest of their lives”                                   Mrs Caffrey –   Head Teacher

“I welled up watching the film”                                                                                                                     Michelle – Teaching Assistant

“The children loved being part of the filming process”                                                                           Mrs J Hodgson – Teaching Assistant

“The shadow film is truly amazing – best thing I have done with a class –                                       the end results stunning”                                                                                                                                      Mrs Howden – Year 4 Teacher

“Fantastic entertainment the children loved every minute”                                                               Barnard Castle Library Staff

“Great show, the staff and students are still raving about it”                                                             Mary Dillon – Bohemore National School

“Very entertaining the children loved the puppets – fun way to relay important messages” Peter Todd – Head Teacher

“Big thank you for all the mask making events – positive feedback from children, parents and teachers.”                                                                                                                                                             Sue Harrison – Newcastle City Libraries


“Superb – magic completely captivating – children loved it”                                                                   Lesley Broxhaline –  Inclusion Manager

“Thank you for your work today – students loved the puppet making”                                             Chris Minikin – Year 6 Teacher

“Brilliant show – I was very impressed”                                                                                                              Sue Barker Schneider – Waste Awareness Officer

“Strong message performed in an exciting way – children were fully engaged”                          J.Magowan – PSHIE Coordinator


“The schools really enjoyed your program. It was very funny, informative and kept the children’s attention. Keep up the good work”                                                                                           Anne Marie Fitzgerald – Environment Officer

“Thanks for the Recycle Show it was a big hit”                                                                                              Lorna Blenkinsop – Waste, Education & Recycling Officer

“Thank you so much for your excellent ‘Flutterby Maker’ performance – We all really enjoyed it and the children are now busy writing comments”                                                            Mrs Higgins – Year 3/4 Teacher

” I liked the magic” – Charlotte  8                                                                                                                      “I liked when the water changed colour” – Jason 9                                                                                   “I liked the flower puppets” – Emily 8


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