WW1 Shadow Theatre Performance – Lives in Shadow

Shadows a Century Old

The Kando Youth Theatre presented their WW1 shadow theatre performance in the Witham Music Hall, Barnard Castle on Saturday 18th April 2015. An exciting mix of drama and shadow theatre the young cast delivered a wonderfully moving performance.  The combination of striking visual images projected on to a large screen, actors transforming from shadows to flesh and blood characters and evocative music from the WW1 period made this a truly unique experience.

ww1 perf

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The production interlaced the tragic with the comic. Soldiers in gas masks singing the bitterly ironic song ‘Bombed last night’. A group of gentlemen wearing caps with trousers rolled to knees burst on to the stage and sing “Boiled Beef and Carrots”. In a summer meadow a young girl looks down on a dead soldier slumped over barbed wire while the haunting song “Somewhere a voice is calling” plays.

Northern Echo Performance Review


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